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I have recently acquired a book I believe may help direct people to more discoveries: INDEX TO COBALT DAILY NUGGET: 1909-1914. There is a surname list for the book here. If you would like me to do a lookup in this periodical for you please email me. I'm very busy right now but I will certainly do my best to get back to you quickly. The periodical has Births, Marriages and Deaths from around Nipissing District so it is a wealth of information for sure. EMAIL:

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The information on this page is for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Census Records.

Births, Marriages, Deaths Census Records
The key to researching births, marriages and deaths is to utilize every possible avenue and always remember that there are many variants that were used for last names. Another thing to remember is that quite often you may have a middle name for an ancestor but when they were born they may have only been registered under their first name. With marriages and deaths always keep in mind the woman's maiden name. You could also find valuable information in noting who witnessed or registered an event, it could be someone of importance like I found the man who wrote the "Blacks of Beverly" as the witness to an uncle's wedding. You just never know what you'll find!

What's available for Vital Statistics?
Currently the Archives of Ontario has the Indexes and Registration Books from the Office of the Registrar General of Ontario for:
Births: 1869-1909
Marriages: ca. 1801-1924 (Note: There are many gaps in pre-1869 marriage records)
Deaths: 1869-1934

- Every year a new year is released to the public, in 2008 you will be able to access Births to 1910, Marriages to 1925 and Deaths to 1935.

A List of Nipissing District Births for 1869-1907 can be found HERE.

A List of Nipissing District Cemeteries can be found HERE.

When it comes to searching through census records keep in mind ALWAYS that names were often misspelled or were spelled differently and changed through the generations. (ie. With my family they began as "Johnston" but at some point the family dropped the "t" so they became "Johnson".)
Searching through census records can be a very tedious task but remember that there is a story within that census and that all the information you find on a census record can truly help to reveal the life of a ancestor. Where they were living exactly, their parents birth countries, religion (a good clue towards what kind of cemetery they were buried in later on), education, and medical differences are just a few of the main things you can learn. It's worth the time and effort to discover an ancestor on a census record.

What's available for Census Records?
Currently the years available on microfilm are:
1861 (microfilm), 1871 (Index online only, MF usually available at your Public Library or OGS), 1881 (Online with Family Search- LDS), 1891 (MF), 1901 (Online), 1911 (Online)

- There is talk that people are working to get the 1921 census released by 2013.
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LINKS & Other Available Resources:
Births, Marriages, Deaths Census Information
North Bay Public Library:
271 Worthington St. East North Bay, ON.. P1B 1H1
(705) 474-4830 or AV and Research Dept. (705) 474-3332
This is a good resource location. You can access microfilm registration reels, back issues of the North Bay Nugget, and much more. Just ask and look around cause you never know what you'll find in their history area in the basement! It is a good place to access the "Inter-library Loan" as well. If you're from Ontario but not in the Nipissing District just go to your local library and ask them about the "Inter-library Loan" program.
Census of 1851 (Canada East, Canada West,New Brunswick and Nova Scotia):
Although the Nipissing District wasn't formed yet be sure to take a look through this census for relatives who may have been in the Canada West districts before helping to settle the land in the North. It is only searchable by "Geographical" information so it will take time to get through all that you want to look at page by page.
City Clerk's Office: North Bay
You can obtain birth and death information through them however I believe there is a form to complete and a fee. You'll need to know the majority of the information they'll require.
Federal Census of 1871 (Ontario Index):
By 1871 the Nipissing District had been established for 13 years. You will find district names of Nipissing North and Nipissing South. This site is helpful although it is harder to determine if you have the right family given that this index is of "Household Heads" only. Obtaining the Census reels would be an asset here.
Temagami Public Library
Local History, Reference resources
1881 Federal Census of Canada:
Nipissing District had not yet been developed so it is NOT listed on the 1881 census of Canada with "Family Search" archives but still look for your family names as their were many communities already developed in the North. It is also a good resource for other areas, not to mention that you may have luck with their "Ancestral or Pedigree" files.
Early Nipissing District Births, Marriages, Deaths
These records were found in the Land Registry Office and have been put up by the Nipissing OGS. It is a small database of but could be quite helpful.
Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index :
Great page from the OGS with many districts indexed and individuals. They have information from the 1851 Census - 1911 Census. They make an important note about the boundaries of Algoma/Nipissing being different on the censuses from 1891-1911. Be sure to watch what district the community is in that you're looking for.
Canadian Records at Rootsweb
A small database but you never know what you could come across for any of the Vital Statistics. If it is a birth, marriage or death, the information provided is generally just the person's (persons) names, place of event, date and registration number. The registration number is good to have for ordering microfilms with the inter-library loan or a visit to the Ontario or Canadian Archives of fices.
1901 Census of Canada and 1911 Census of Canada:
Both of these Census are best used when you go to the "Automated Genealogy" name index page. You can search for your ancestor in their database then go to the archives and download a copy of the microfilmed page. The 1901 Census Name Index with AG is 99.9% complete for Ontario and about 76% complete for the 1911 Index.
OCFA- Ontario Cemetery Finding Aide
Although it hasn't been updated or added too in a few years it is a great resource of information.
1891 CENSUS - Surname Index
Nipissing District OGS has listed all surnames on the 1891 Census for both the Nipissing and Sudbury Districts.
Nipissing District Gravemarker Gallery
His database is quite large but well organized. Many completed communities in the Nipissing District. Pictures of all the headstones and they are legible. He also has historical pictures of different communities in our district. Old high school yearbooks as well. They can be found here:
Being that ancestry is one of the largest databases available it is a great source of information. The down side is it does cost and you have to have a credit card to get a membership but it is truly worth it if you can as they house actual copies of births, marriages, census, deaths and much more.
North Bay Nugget Announcements and Obituaries
Current Obituaries within a week timeframe and Memoriams. The Announcement section often has birth announcements and Memoriams.
The LDS Archives - North Bay Branch
988 Airport Road, North Bay, Nipissing District, Ontario,
Phone: 705-474-9205
Hours: Tuesday 10am-2pm; Thursday 7pm-9pm
NOTE: This is only the location not a mailing address.
East Ferris Public Library
They have various articles the previous librarian had compiled. The French: Paroisse Saint-Thomas-D'Aquin 1902-2002 and other resources.
Ontario GenWeb Census Project
Numerous census records dating from 1861 & up. (Not many for Nipissing online but there are a few towns transcribed starting at the 1901 census.) They are always looking for volunteers.
Land Registry Office- North Bay
360 Plouffe St., North Bay, ON P1B 9L5
Located in the Courthouse
Behind the Name
The etymology and history of first names
McGuinty Funeral Home
591 Cassells St., North Bay, ON P1B 3Z8
Theoret Bourgeois Funeral Home Inc
Address : 2 Racette, Verner, ON P0H 2M0
Telephone : 705-594-2321
Smith Funeral Home
274 First, Mattawa, ON P0H 1V0
Telephone: (705)744-0300
Martyn Funeral Home
464 Wyld Street, North Bay, ON, P1B 1Z5
Telephone: (705) 472-8810
West Nipissing Public Library: Sturgeon Falls
225 Holditch St, Suite 107, Sturgeon Falls, ON P2B 1T1
Tel: 705-753-2620
Nipissing District OGS
Serves Districts of Nipissing, Temiskaming and Parry Sound
The Office of the Registrar General
189 Red River Rd., P.O. Box 4600
Thunder Bay, Ont., P7B 6L8
They currently hold birth records since 1896, marriage records since 1911, and death records since 1921. For births, marriages, and deaths from 1869 to the dates listed above, write to:
Archives of Ontario
77 Grenville Street, Toronto, Ont., M7A 2R9
Ontario Marriages 1869-1923
Nicely organized site for marriages.
A Canadian Genealogy Project
Research on surnames of Walters & Johnson from Simcoe County
Surnames Being Researched
Riddell of Niagara and McAmmond of Ottawa & Parry Sound
BAY Today - Obituaries
Contains nearly 1142 North Bay obits
Field of Stones
This site focuses on providing pictures of pioneer or abandoned cemeteries located in Ontario. We have also added "donated photos" of various cemeteries found in Ontario. The cemeteries are listed under County/District and are group into Townships.
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*Group Picture compliments of Michael Barnes' Book: Gateway City (© 1982) - picture is from the Nipissing Archives

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